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Sonoma County set for reckoning amid cannabis ordinance fight


Just south of the historic Washoe House bar northwest of Petaluma, the first hints of neighborhood agitations against the area’s nascent cannabis industry appear on the asphalt of Pepper Road.

In barely discernible white spray painted letters, someone has pledged neighbors’ wholesale opposition to marijuana cultivation in the bucolic Liberty Valley, home to numerous Sonoma County dairies.

Ron Evenich’s family has lived on Pepper Lane, just off of Pepper Road, since 1969. His property sits a few houses down from more formal vinyl signage calling for “No Pot on Pepper.”

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Canada’s cannabis ‘green rush’ yet to reap rewards

By Charlie Mitchell

It is the smell that visitors notice at the facility on Hershey Drive, in Smiths Falls, Ontario. And it is nothing to do with the chocolate factory — the first Hershey’s outside Pennsylvania — that was once on the site. It’s the smell of cannabis as, today, the building is home to the world’s largest corporate producer.

Canopy Growth arrived in Smiths Falls in 2014, four years before Canada legalised recreational marijuana use, and it employs 1,300 people at its growing and processing plant.

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Cannabis investors bet on regulatory softening

By Emma Boyde

Rahul Bhushan, co-founder of the company behind the Rize Medical Cannabis and Life Sciences Ucits ETF, can be a master of understatement. “It wasn’t the easiest product to construct,” he says of the exchange traded fund, which launched in February 2020.

He and the team at RizeETF had been watching the legal cannabis sector since 2016, after becoming convinced of the potential returns from pharmaceutical applications if regulators acquiesced and allowed investment in the industry.

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AFC Gamma Provides Justice Cannabis Co. With $22 Million Senior Secured Credit Facility to Fund its New Jersey Expansion

By AFC Gamma, Inc.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., May 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AFC Gamma, Inc. (NASDAQ:AFCG) (“AFC”) today announced it has provided a credit facility of $22 million to Justice Cannabis Co., a Chicago-based multi-state operator with licenses in eight states. The credit facility is designed to provide Justice Cannabis Co. with the capital necessary to purchase and complete the build out of its 72,000 square foot cultivation and processing facility, along with the buildout of a dispensary, both in Ewing, New Jersey.

“We are pleased to support Justice Cannabis Co. as it continues to expand its operations in New Jersey,” said Leonard M. Tannenbaum, AFC’s Chief Executive Officer. “With adult use marijuana recently legalized in the state, we believe New Jersey will have favorable supply and demand dynamics for years to come and we are excited to be working with Justice Cannabis Co. in order to fully capitalize on this growing market.”

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Cannabis is medicine. Just ask the parents of children with seizures

By Evan Cole Lewis

I will do my best to respond rather than react to the April 27 opinion piece by Jeff Macintyre titled “Cannabis not ready to be called a medicine, yet.” I am a pediatric neurologist and epilepsy specialist by training, with over 500 adult and pediatric patients in my practice currently being treated with medical cannabis for epilepsy and a broad range of other neurological conditions.

When I first read this piece, I thought how I should reference the results of the five major randomized controlled trials that have been completed in complex, drug-resistant pediatric epilepsy. These studies show that medical cannabis exerts the same degree of antiseizure control as our traditional antiseizure drugs, with comparable side-effect profiles. I thought how it would be helpful to point out that cannabis, in the form of a purified CBD oil called Epidiolex, has been approved as a medical treatment for certain types of epilepsy in children by the FDA in the U.S., the EMA in Europe, and NICE/MHRA in the U.K. I thought I might share stories of the numerous children I have personally treated with unrelenting seizures who, after failing multiple medications for several years, finally responded to cannabis.

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Jim Belushi is chasing the magic in cannabis

By Matt Burns

Idon’t think Jim Belushi was high while we talked on Zoom this week. Instead of a joint, he was puffing on a cigar, but he was still happy and smiling.

“I have my brother’s face on it. I have the Blues Brothers brand. It’s got to be good shit, man.”

Jim Belushi was telling me about his weed, specifically about the small 0.7 gram pre-rolls he sells — the perfect size for the post-COVID era, when passing a joint to a friend is likely discouraged. Belushi started his farm with 48 cannabis plants in 2015. Now, six years and one pandemic later, there are 200 plants in each of his four high-tech greenhouses along the Rogue River in southern Oregon.

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What the United States can learn from Canada’s cannabis clarity

By Michael J. Armstrong

The inherent contradictions of American cannabis laws seem to appear in the news almost every week.

At the state level, for example, Virginia recently became the latest jurisdiction to allow adult cannabis use, effective this July 1. But just days later, a court upheld United States federal tax laws that treat state-licensed cannabis businesses as illegal drug traffickers.

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Dispensary Review: Tommy Chims Smokes Swade Cannabis’ Weed

By Thomas K. Chimchards

Dispensary employees, as a group, must be the cheeriest subset of retail workers out of the whole lot.

That’s not to imply they are dipping into their employers’ stash or anything, nor would I suggest that their jobs are particularly easy. But so far my experiences purchasing weed in St. Louis’ nascent medical marijuana industry have consistently involved dealing with some of the friendliest, most happy-to-be-here workers I’ve seen in my many years of exchanging money for goods. It feels like there’s a certain pervasive sense of wonderment that we’re even able to do this right out in the open — after all, not long ago both buyer and seller would be looking at potential jail time for the things that happen within a dispensary.

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Morocco: Cannabis farmers hopeful of legalisation for medical use

By Africanews and AFP

Moroccan farmer Mohamed Morabet is hoping to come out of the dark and sell his hashish his summer on the open market as Morocco plans to legalise cannabis for medical use.

The government of the world’s top hashish-producing nation last month ratified a draft bill to legalise its medical use, and parliament is expected to debate the legislation this week.

According to a report released last year by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Morocco is the world’s biggest producer of cannabis resin, or hashish.

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Looking For Marijuana Stocks To Buy On Robinhood? 2 For Your Watchlist Next Week

Looking For Marijuana Stocks To Buy On Robinhood? 2 For Your Watchlist Next Week

Looking For Marijuana Stocks To Buy On Robinhood? 2 For Your Watchlist Next Week | Marijuana Stocks | Cannabis Investments and News. Roots of a Budding Industry.™

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