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US DEA moves to expand cannabis for research

By Britt E. Erickson

Scientists could soon have more options for purchasing cannabis for research purposes after the US Drug Enforcement Administration moved to expand the number of growers. Currently, the University of Mississippi is the only approved supplier of cannabis for research in the US. The DEA announced in 2016 that it would accept applications from other growers who want to supply cannabis for research, but the agency has yet to approve any of the more than 30 applications it received. That is about to change, if growers agree to the terms the DEA stipulated in a memorandum of agreement it sent May 14 to an undisclosed number of qualified applicants. Once the agreements are finalized, the DEA expects to allow the growers to cultivate limited amounts of cannabis to support DEA-licensed researchers. The agency says it plans to review the remaining applications and approve additional ones in the future.

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Cannabis And Psychosis Are Linked, And We’re a Step Closer to Understanding How


What that level is and how that relationship functions isn’t so easy to unravel, with mental health and drug use commonly locked in a tug-of-war that makes cause-and-effect hard to tease apart.

According to a new study conducted by a team of researchers from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and King’s College London in the UK, the genes for schizophrenia could prove to be the key to explaining why some cannabis users develop psychosis while others don’t.

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Torrey Pines Community Planning Board, local residents condemn proposal for new cannabis business


The retail cannabis business under consideration, Cookies, would be located at 11330 Sorrento Valley Rd., near three existing cannabis businesses.

The community plan doesn’t prohibit cannabis businesses, but planning board members and residents who spoke during public comment said they don’t fit with the biotech and industrial character of the area. Some said the community plan should be amended to more unequivocally define that character for future projects.

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Two Rivers Water & Farming Company (TURV)

Two Rivers Water & Farming Company (TURV)

rki1q0xapvw_two_riversTwo Rivers Water & Farming Company is a developer of water rights and farmlands in Colorado. It has also started its operations in the marijuana industry, offering infrastructure for growing the cannabis plant.

The company owns water rights in the Arkansas River Basin in the Colorado area. These water rights allow Two Rivers to conduct certain management activities with the water, such as diverting its stream flow, pumping out ground water, and running storage reservoirs. On a long-term historic average, Two Rivers is estimated to divert some 15,000 acre-feet of water annually.

In terms of farming, Two Rivers operates by upgrading irrigated lands, transforming them from being low-value crop areas into farmlands for high-value vegetables and fruits. The company has 7,465 gross acres of farmland located in southeastern Colorado, where it grows crops like cabbage, corn, pumpkin, and oats. It then sells the produce through Dionisio Farms & Produce, its wholly owned subsidiary.

Another subsidiary of Two Rivers is GrowCo, Inc, and this caters to the marijuana industry. It offers leases for cannabis growing and processing facilities, and also provides growers with education on maximizing a modern greenhouse environment. The company projects that in the next four years, it may lease up to 12 such facilities in Colorado.

Two Rivers Water and Farming began in 2002. It was formerly Navidec Financial Services, Inc and then Two Rivers Water Company. It became Two Rivers Water and Farming Company in 2013.

The company is traded as TURV in the OTC markets and has a market cap of USD 18.9 M.

Key executives at Two Rivers are Chairman and CEO John R. McKowen, VP of Operations Kirsty Cameron, CFO Wayne E. Harding III, and COO of Farming Russ Dionisio.

Two Rivers Water & Farming Company

2000 S. Colorado Blvd,
Suite 3100
Denver, CO 80222

Phone: (303) 222-1000

Tweed Marijuana, Inc. (TWD/TWMJF)

Tweed Marijuana, Inc. (TWD/TWMJF)

logo1Tweed Marijuana, Inc is one of Canada’s leading providers of medical cannabis. The company is considered the first among the 13 licensed marijuana producers in the country to be publicly traded. Tweed operates through its wholly owned subsidiaries, namely Tweed, Inc and Prime1 Construction Services Corp/Park Lane Farms.

The subsidiary Tweed, Inc operates the company’s foremost cultivation facility, which is located in Smiths Falls, Ontario. Formerly a Hershey chocolate factory, the facility covers some 470,000 square feet, of which 168,000 is for growing the marijuana plant. With this facility, Tweed produces 25 strains of medicinal cannabis, which are made to treat conditions such as chronic pain, muscle spasms, nausea, and loss of appetite.

On the other hand, Prime1 Construction Services Corp is the Tweed subsidiary that operates as Park Lane Farms or Tweed Farms. It operates a 350,000-square-foot facility in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. It has been noted in the industry that Prime1 Construction was a potential rival of Tweed before the latter acquired it in June 2014.

In addition to its current facilities, Tweed Marijuana may be opening more medical cannabis sites where marijuana regulations are loosening, according to Interim CEO Bruce Linton. Some of the possible places are Romania and Czech Republic.

Tweed Marijuana was founded in 2009 and incorporated in 2010. It then obtained in January 2014 its Canadian license as marijuana producer. The following April, the company launched its IPO, and in May, it delivered its first shipment of medical cannabis to registered customers.

Currently, Tweed is listed as TWD in the TSX Venture Exchange and as TWMJF in the US OTC markets. It has a market cap of CAD 76.69 M.

Tweed Marijuana is led by Interim CEO Linton, who is also the company’s Co-founder and Chairman. Other executives in the company are Executive VP and General Counsel Mark Zekulin, CFO Donald G. Gibbs, and Director of Operations Brian Greenleaf.

Tweed Marijuana, Inc.

1 Hershey Drive
Smiths Falls, Ontario
K7A 0A8

Phone: (855) 558-9333

AVT, Inc. (AVTC)



While many companies now riding the Green Rush are relatively new, AVT, Inc has the advantage of coming in with a product line that’s considered ready-made for the market. Since its founding in 2001, the company has been producing and developing vending solutions, from conventional vending machines to customized kiosks. In the cannabis industry, the company’s products are being used for storage, dispensing, and selling.

AVT began as a distributor of vending machines, spending years mastering the niche before becoming a manufacturer itself. In 2008, it started to revolutionize its manufacturing by developing patent technologies to produce more innovative machines.

Currently, the company’s roster of technologies includes audio sensing control, wireless control, real-time backend management, and built-in advertising systems. For the legal marijuana industry, the company also provides “biometrically secure marijuana storage and dispensing systems (sometimes referred to as ‘marijuana vending machines’)” and “sleek automated units that sell a variety of e-cigarette vapor pens”, according to AVT CEO James Winsor.

One of AVT’s better-known endeavors is its partnership with Medbox, Inc, a leading medical dispensing company. AVT helped modify Medbox’s products to make them better suited for use in marijuana facilities, and Medbox has praised AVT for the work it has done.

Outside the cannabis industry, AVT kiosks and machines – such as the Burritobox and Marley Coffee Kiosk – have also gained positive attention.

AVT, Inc is a public company that trades as AVTC in the OTC market and is valued at USD 23.64 million. It is based in Corona, CA. Alongside Winsor, the key executives in the company are Shannon W. Illingworth, Founder and Chairman of Board; Natalie Russell, Chief Financial Officer; Amir Dekel, President; and Ben Wheeler, Director of Sales and Marketing.

AVT, Inc.

341 Bonnie Circle #102
Corona, CA 92880

Phone: (877) 424-3663
Fax: (951) 737-7646
Website: or

Nuvilex, Inc. (NVLX)

Image result for NUVILEX, INC. (NVLX)"

Nuvilex, Inc is one of the biotech companies that have recently forayed into the medical marijuana space. With its trademarked Cell-in-a-Box technology, the company aims to use cannabinoids, a chemical constituent of marijuana, to develop a “green” approach to treating certain deadly diseases.

Cell-in-a-Box is a type of live-cell encapsulation technology. Live-cell encapsulation is a process wherein living cells are wrapped together in a “capsule” and then implanted into a patient’s body to either activate disease-fighting drugs or fight the disease themselves. Nuvilex’s capsules are touted as different from those of others because the company uses cellulose to enclose cells. This makes the capsules more efficient to be stored, implanted, and used in the human body.

Nuvilex is clinically developing live-cell encapsulation for pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, and diabetes. For the cancers, the technology is made to activate the common cancer-fighting drugs ifosfamide and cyclophosphamide in patients’ bodies. For diabetes, the cells being encapsulated are pancreatic islet cells, which can reduce insulin dependence.

More recently, the biotech outfit has started testing cannabinoids in place of conventional drugs for cell-activated cancer treatment.

Aside from its medical research and development, the company also sells its names, nutraceutical formulations, and information technology to other companies.

Nuvilex has been in healthcare since its founding in 1996. It was formerly known as until it changed to its current name in 2009. In 2013, it created the subsidiary Medical Marijuana Sciences, Inc to focus on its development of cannabis treatments.

The company now trades as NVLX in OTC markets, and is valued at USD 171 M. Its key executives are Patricia Gruden, Chairman and CFO; Kenneth L. Waggoner, CEO and President; Dr. Gerald W. Crabtree, COO and Director; Dr. Robert F. Ryan, Chief Scientific Officer; and Timothy Matula, President of Medical Marijuana Sciences, Inc.

Nuvilex, Inc.

12510 Prosperity Drive
Suite 310
Silver Spring, Maryland 20904-1643

Phone: (917) 595-2850 and (877) 958-7616
Fax: (917) 595-2851

CannaVest, Corp. (CANV)

Image result for CANNAVEST, CORP. (CANV)"

One of the rising stars of the marijuana/hemp industry, CannaVest, Corp develops and sells end-consumer products based on industrial hemp. Though industrial hemp is often known as a material for manufacturing, CannaVest focuses on the plant’s substance called cannabidiol (CBD), using it for food and wellness products.

Among CannaVest’s main ventures is CannaVest Laboratories, a leading biotechnology company that develops hemp-based pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. The labs also provide other services like seed-to-sale inventory systems and IP and technology development.

CannaVest has also trademarked US Hemp Oil, a nutritional brand that procures, processes, markets, and distributes wholesale hemp seed and hemp wellness products.

In addition, CannaVest acquired PhytoSphere Systems, LLC and KannaLife Sciences, Inc, both phytomedical companies delving in research and development.

Over the years, CannaVest has produced and marketed various end-consumer hemp products. It previously presented products under the trademark Real Scientific Hemp Oil. Its current roster includes a non-psychoactive wellness oil line called PlusCBD, a nutritional and supplement line (focusing on protein) called HempFit, a skincare/personal care line called Cibaderm, and a CBD health line called Cibdex.

CannaVest’s primary target customers are end-consumers, which it reaches through internet sales, health and wellness stores, affiliates, and distributors. However, it also looks to market to manufacturers and retail stores.

Founded and incorporated in 2010, the company formerly operated as Foreclosure Solutions, Inc until January 2013, when it changed its name to CannaVest, Corp. It currently trades in the OTC market as CANV, in the Healthcare sector and under the Generic Drugs industry. Its market cap is at USD 111.27 M.

CannaVest, Corp is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and is led by Michael J. Mona, Jr, CEO and President; Michael Mona III, Vice President of Operations; Joseph Dowling, Chief Financial Officer; and Allen E. Shubat, Treasurer and Secretary. Its board members include Bart MacKay and Theodore R. Sobieski.

CannaVest, Corp.

2688 South Rainbow Avenue, Suite B
Las Vegas, NV 89146

Phone: (866) 290-2157

GrowLife, Inc. (PHOT)

growlifeThe boom of the marijuana industry has enticed a number of agricultural and gardening companies to take a leap into it, and GrowLife, Inc is one of these companies. It has been providing plant cultivation supplies and technologies to growers over the last couple of years, and it has established its presence in the national cannabis industry more recently.

GrowLife, Inc aims “to be the nation’s largest cultivation service provider” by manufacturing and selling plant-growing products. The company reaches its consumers through e-commerce, direct-services channels, and local retail outlets. One of its primary distribution channels is, a website that sells a wide range of growing supplies from third-party brands – from plant nutrients to lights to tents.

One product that GrowLife produces itself is the Phototron system, a hydroponic “grow box” that allows a plant to be grown self-contained in a small space. GrowLife manufactures and sells Phototron units through its wholly owned company, Phototron Holdings, Inc.

Up until its incorporation in 2012, GrowLife was actually a direct-selling subsidiary of Phototron Holdings. The latter decided to change its name to GrowLife as they “broadened the mission” of the company, according to then-CEO Sterling Scott.

Following a brief suspension by the SEC earlier this year, GrowLife has bounced back with better shareholder support and expansion to more states. Today, the Seattle, Washington-based company has established itself in 17 states and is looking to reach more.

GrowLife, Inc is traded in the OTC market as PHOT, with a market value of USD 55.85 M. Its key executives include Marco Hegyi, President and Director; Joe Barnes, VP of Retail Sales Operations; Andrew Iacobelli, Executive VP of Finance; and Mark E. Scott, Consulting CFO.

GrowLife, Inc.

500 Union Street, Suite 406
Seattle, Washington 98101

PR Email:
Shareholder Support Email:

Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC)

logoWith the emergence of the marijuana industry in the US, agricultural companies, especially those specializing in farming technologies, have found a new space to venture in. Terra Tech Corp is one such company. This agricultural firm has been producing controlled cultivation technologies since 2012, and has entered the cannabis industry in early 2014.

Terra Tech designs, markets, and sells products for indoor and outdoor farming, for both commercial and retail sectors. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, GrowOp Technology Ltd, the company offers products made with their proprietary technology – from nutrients and lights to environmental controllers and hydroponic trailers.

The portable hydroponic trailers are some of the company’s highlighted products. They are touted as “the most advanced mobile controlled agricultural facilities”, and come in two varieties, the Big Bud and the Little Bud.

Though Terra Tech’s products are designed for traditional hydroponic cultivators and horticulturists, it has delved into the medical cannabis industry. At the start of 2014, it applied for license for a cannabis cultivation facility and dispensary in Nevada, becoming the first publicly traded company in the US to do so. The company has since created the subsidiary Medifarm LLC to focus on medical marijuana operations.

Terra Tech Corp was formerly in a different industry. It was incorporated in 2008 as Private Secretary, Inc, a VoIP software company. In 2012, it ceased its software operations as it had a merger with GrowOp Technology, leading to the current Terra Tech Corp.

Today, Terra Tech Corp is traded as TRTC in OTC markets, with a market cap of USD 68.26 M. It is led by Derek A. Peterson, its Founder, Chairman, CEO, and President. Other executives are Michael C. James, CFO; Amy Almsteier, Secretary, Treasurer, and Director; and Eric Krogius and Robert Drust, Co-Founders.

Terra Tech Corp.

18101 Von Karmen, Level 3
Irvine, CA 92612

Phone: (855) 447-6967
Fax: (888) 330-6883