Wisconsin Governor Calls Out State Republicans For Blocking Medicinal Cannabis

Wisconsin Governor Calls Out State Republicans For Blocking Medicinal Cannabis

The numbers say it all.

More than 80% of Wisconsin voters support legalizing medicinal cannabis in that state. Wisconsin is one of only 17 states that has failed to pass some form of legalization for medicinal cannabis. Governor Tony Evers (D) supports legalizing medicinal cannabis.

Standing in the way are yet more Republican cannabis Obstructionists.

…Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R) said last month that there’s no such legislation he’s be willing to get behind.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R) didn’t seem to close the door on the possibility of approving legalization legislation, however, but tempered expectations about when or how it would be achieved.

Vos had already thrown up a previous roadblock to legalization.

He also previously suggested that he’d only support a significantly limited program that would allow patients to access cannabis in pill form, raising doubts about whether Democratic lawmakers would be willing to advance such a reform. [emphasis mine]

Yes, obviously state Democrats would not want to “advance” such a pointless law.

Medicinal cannabis is currently being prescribed by thousands of enlightened physicians to treat hundreds of different medical conditions. But the pharmaceutical industry is many years away from putting most of these medicinal treatments into pill form.

Vos likes pills – like the opioids that Big Pharma produces, which kill over 40,000 Americans each year through overdoses alone.

Medicinal cannabis offers the best/safest option to opioid (ab)use. But Republican politicians would rather see 10’s of thousands of Americans needlessly die each year than put aside their own anti-cannabis hysteria.

As The Seed Investor previously reported, there is a Cannabis Revolution sweeping across the United States. While over 80% of Wisconsin residents support legalizing medicinal cannabis, more than 90% of Americans want (at least) the legalization of medicinal cannabis nation-wide.

Obstructionist Republican politicians can no longer pretend that their opposition to cannabis legalization reflects the wishes of their own constituency.

A majority of Republican supporters now support full cannabis legalization, while well over 80% of Republican voters want medicinal cannabis legalized.

It doesn’t look like cannabis will be legalized for medicinal use in Wisconsin any time soon. Conversely, the failure to support legalization of medicinal cannabis could soon leave many state Republicans unemployed.

Published at Fri, 24 Jan 2020 19:00:03 +0000

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