GrowLife, Inc. (PHOT)

growlifeThe boom of the marijuana industry has enticed a number of agricultural and gardening companies to take a leap into it, and GrowLife, Inc is one of these companies. It has been providing plant cultivation supplies and technologies to growers over the last couple of years, and it has established its presence in the national cannabis industry more recently.

GrowLife, Inc aims “to be the nation’s largest cultivation service provider” by manufacturing and selling plant-growing products. The company reaches its consumers through e-commerce, direct-services channels, and local retail outlets. One of its primary distribution channels is, a website that sells a wide range of growing supplies from third-party brands – from plant nutrients to lights to tents.

One product that GrowLife produces itself is the Phototron system, a hydroponic “grow box” that allows a plant to be grown self-contained in a small space. GrowLife manufactures and sells Phototron units through its wholly owned company, Phototron Holdings, Inc.

Up until its incorporation in 2012, GrowLife was actually a direct-selling subsidiary of Phototron Holdings. The latter decided to change its name to GrowLife as they “broadened the mission” of the company, according to then-CEO Sterling Scott.

Following a brief suspension by the SEC earlier this year, GrowLife has bounced back with better shareholder support and expansion to more states. Today, the Seattle, Washington-based company has established itself in 17 states and is looking to reach more.

GrowLife, Inc is traded in the OTC market as PHOT, with a market value of USD 55.85 M. Its key executives include Marco Hegyi, President and Director; Joe Barnes, VP of Retail Sales Operations; Andrew Iacobelli, Executive VP of Finance; and Mark E. Scott, Consulting CFO.

GrowLife, Inc.

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